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Refer a Friend, Receive $500

All employees are encouraged to participate in the employee referral program. Refer prospective candidates for open positions at The Systems Group!

Howard Malone shares his experience with Systems’ employee referral program. He tells you what to expect as a referred job candidate, and why he received this big bonus check. Start a career in a family-like environment.

How the Systems Employee Referral Program Works

As an incentive for you to refer your friends, family or professional acquaintances we will provide the following payments to you for successful referrals. PAYMENT: You will receive $500.00 for any person that you refer after he or she completes 7 working days of employment. In no case will an incentive be paid on any employee who leaves for any reason prior to being employed for 7 days. To receive a referral incentive, the person making the referral must be an employee of the company on the day the referred employee is hired. Please note that no employee is authorized to make an offer of employment to any individual or promise employment of any type.

All decisions regarding employment offers will be made by management. Only one referral incentive will be issued for each new employee and it will be paid to the first eligible person to submit the following form to the Human Resources Department. Former employees who are rehired by the company are NOT considered to be a new referral and therefore, will not initiate the award of a referral incentive payment.

If you have any questions about this employee referral program, please contact the HR Department at 870.862.1315



Who can recommend someone?2023-02-27T10:11:55-06:00

All employees are encouraged to refer prospective candidates for open positions at The Systems Group.

How much is the Employee Referral Bonus?2023-02-27T10:11:55-06:00

The employee referral bonus is $500.00.

When will I receive my Referral Bonus?2023-02-27T10:11:55-06:00

After the person you referred has completed 7 full working days with the company.

How do I recommend someone?2023-02-27T10:11:55-06:00

There are two ways to recommend someone: 1). You can fill out an online application above (the button that says “ONLINE APPLICATION”). OR 2). You can download a printable form and send the application through mail. The downloadable form is above (the button that says “DOWNLOADABLE FORM”).

If I want to turn in a downloadable form, when must this be completed by?2023-02-27T10:11:55-06:00

The form must be completed and turned in PRIOR to the application being completed by the person you are referring.

Employee Referral Program: Refer a Friend, Receive $500

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